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Whatever your mission, you need the right technology, implemented the right way.  Fiscality empowers ambitious organisations to grow, thrive & succeed.

Rely on Fiscality ICT Management transparently encompassing Support, Management, Cloud Integration, Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, IT Strategy & Bespoke Development.  Your organisation will have a solid foundation on which to grow, thrive & seize new opportunities.

Fiscality Business IT Systems - 24/7 IT Support, IT Management, IT Consultancy in Dartford, Gravesend, Kent, London, Birmingham, Staffordshire, West Midlands

Integrate | Automate | Collaborate

We provide IT support and technology services – delivering outsourcing, cloud, application and consultancy services based in London, Kent and the Midlands.

IT Support

Highly scalable onsite and remote enterprise IT support provided 24.7

Infrastructure & Cloud

A range of technology design, integration, automation and management services

Cyber Security

Protecting external and internal assets from evolving security threats

FiscalityONE Business Applications

Accelerate operations with highly flexible FiscalityONE ERP business applications

Consultancy & Change Planning

Working with clients to establish a solid IT foundation on which to thrive

Bespoke Application Development

Development of highly tailored business applications for optimal operational efficiency

IT Strategy

IT Strategy and policy for a solid foundation for growth and embracing new opportunities

We help organisations to define and implement appropriate IT strategies.  This ensures a solid foundation on which to do business in the near to medium future.  Perhaps without even realising it, your IT strategy (or lack thereof) might already be working against you; this is particularly common in organisations that have experienced recent periods of rapid organic growth and change.  New people get hired and quickly added to the network, and the existing systems and applications struggle to cope.  Things often quickly get out of hand and unrealised inefficiencies start creeping in.  If left too long, the problems become exponentially more difficult to fix and ultimately requires some seriously bold and forward thinking decision making.  This is at the heart of what we do.

An example of how we helped a leading Fine Art publisher during massive expansion…

We were approached by a large art publisher that had quickly expanded to become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies.  All hardware and software systems were struggling to cope and we quickly implemented improvements that enabled the company to continue expansion, to beyond fifty times its original size.  An IT strategy was needed to guide future decision making for technology services and to align with their business goals which would ensure that they had the appropriate processes, solutions and operating model in place to support the growth and planned and unplanned change.

A full business and systems analysis…

We conducted extensive collaborative reviews of the client’s user and business needs, existing solutions to support their extensive growth plans, the current operating model including existing service providers, special industry compliance requirements, IT infrastructure and other key systems.

We then developed a strategy which leveraged what was working and proposed changes to the operating model, technical architecture and services. In doing so, the client changed their mindset significantly, and are now embracing the modern technologies needed to support their ambitious business plans.  These changes saw our client through 10 years of massive trans-formative growth until finally becoming the UK’s largest fine-art publisher.

Making the Next Step…

Whatever direction and shape your needs might take in the future, we are strongly positioned to support you.

Experts Available 24/7

One Company, One Number to Call 24/7, Complete Ownership

Our Total-Management clients have only one place and one number to call for all helpdesk and IT consultancy requirements.  It’s so simple.

We’re focused on ensuring the effectiveness and productivity of users, and provide enterprise quality, 24.7 1st, 2nd & 3rd line help desk services.  Our client’s benefit from scalable IT support and stable systems – ensuring the best possible use of enterprise IT.

The modern enterprise is no place for poor inefficient IT. Well supported users with the right technology tend to be happier, more productive and generally more positive about their work.  We work as an integral part of your team, and really get to understand your corporate culture.  Our friendly, personable approach prevents that feeling of just calling an outsider for help, and we pro-actively help users to work smart, faster and easier.

We take full responsibility and ownership of issues and projects until completion.  We want our clients to operate on the best IT foundations – with over 20 years experience in providing a broad range of IT management and consultancy services, we work tirelessly to ensure operation 24/7, without the hindrance of having to wait on third parties for a response and fix.

There are occasions when we’ll have some on site, for as long as it takes, night or day, to get and keep things working.   Remote assistance is okay, but there’s often nothing like being there in person.  Our range of service desk options include onsite support, where an experienced Fiscality engineer visits or is based full-time at your site as required.

We tailor our on-site / desk-side support in line with your budget.

Our ‘Total IT’ Ethos

“We always put our customers first and work night and day to provide the best possible service.” Steven Crowley, Founder.

An investment in IT support is an investment in the productivity of your people and the success of your organisation.  Your employees will be able to work much faster, smarter and easier with easy access to expert engineers who respond quickly to their needs.

By TotalIT, we mean we look at IT holistically, end-to-end, year on year, and take full responsibility.  If we design or implement a bespoke application, we ensure that you also have the best possible hardware foundation on which to run it.

Why Choose Fiscality Business Solutions?

  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) aligned service desk
  • Customer experience – our TotalIT passion shapes everything we do, and we’ve been doing it for 20 years
  • We have experienced specialists in every field of IT, and collaborate with a network of strategic partners and vendors.

Taking the Next Step…

Whatever direction and shape your needs take in the future, we are strongly positioned to support you.


Drive profit, productivity and insight with the appropriate technology designed to help you to achieve your business objectives.

An integral part of our work is providing highly focused consultancy to ensure that our clients have the best IT.  This means having the right mix of hardware, applications and cloud-services that make perfect economic and operational sense; also having the right backup and disaster recovery procedures are in place to prevent against data loss, and reduce the possibility for downtime in the case of hardware failure.

Our end-to-end Total IT consultancy covers the following areas

  • Business Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Growth Planning
  • In-House Application Design, Development and Implementation
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Technical Design & Strategy
  • Skills Upgrade and User Training
  • Infrastructure Strategy
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Business Alignment

Whatever direction and shape your needs might take in the future, we are strongly positioned to support you.

Work Smarter & Faster

Work smarter and faster with the right data at your fingertips

Our applications can effortlessly export to Microsoft Excel (version 2010 onwards) via dynamically created ODBC data links.  These links are extremely fast for querying many thousands of rows takes in seconds.  We aim to eliminate obstacles to accessing your data, either in licensing limitations or by blocking direct access to the database tables.

A massive benefit of our approach is that users always own their data and have complete unhindered access to all fields and all tables, which is not the case with many software solutions available today.  FiscalityONE enables query from any data-aware 32 or 64bit application on any OS where the PostgreSQL ODBC driver can install (Windows, Linux, Unix and MacOSX).

Users are also able to implement SAP’s Crystal Reports (our reporting application of choice) for more complex reporting requirements and for beautiful forms-based output, able to access data from a myriad of data sources.

Making the Next Step…

Whatever direction and shape your needs might take in the future, we are strongly positioned to support you.

Application Integration

Get your on-premise and cloud applications integrated and automated

We have successfully integrated applications and translated data from types of database (from the most recent technologies du jour to the oldest unix based terminal applications).

Some of these applications and databases include:

  • Microsoft Navision (SQL Server)
  • Sage50/100 (ODBC)
  • Abacus (ODBC)
  • DBA (Firebird)
  • SpaceManager (SQLAnywhere)
  • Sage Act! (ODBC)
  • (report translation and api)
  • Solve360 CRM (web-api / web-hooks)
  • SUN Accounting (Btrieve)
  • Tetra Accounting (unix terminal)
  • DOS based ERP systems (Sage, Abacus, Delta5, Pegasus) (custom data connections and ETL)
  • Web CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Bespoke, Drupal, Megento) (MySql / web-api)

There’s no reason today why applications or databases should remain as islands of information.  There are a wealth of technologies to bring them together and to consolidate data in one place – it just requires the expertise to know how it can be done, and the experience to make it work reliably.

Making the Next Step…

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities of integration and automating your applications.

Whatever direction and shape your needs might take in the future, we are strongly positioned to support you.

TotalIT Support & Consultancy : Integrate | Automate | Collaborate

We straddle two worlds that are increasingly interdependent: the business world and the world of technology.  We are a business that always delivers a personalised service with care tailored to sector, size & need.

We also understand the commercial needs of our clients and what they need to thrive. We’re experts in the possibilities and the practical applications of technology, and, we are skilled in the analysis of organisations, their strategies, their processes and the needs of their users – whether these be employees, customers or third parties. Above all, we are obsessed about providing holistic systems, which is why our TotalIT service sits central to our belief, is our mantra, our compass and our guide for what we expect excellent systems to be.

We provide total information technology solutions to our clients – implementing FiscalityONE is often an integral part of a rethink and revamp of our client’s IT, from hardware to software, in the most economical and cost-effective manner possible, utilising virtualisation and low-cost cloud computing where appropriate and possible.  One place to call, one contact, one solution.

Please contact us anytime to discuss how we can support your IT System and bring lasting change and improvements