About Us

Putting Information at Your Fingertips

Innovation is at the core of our software and FiscalityONE’s roots extend from the mid 1990s.  It was developed to address the shortcomings of competing systems that are incredibly difficult, time-consuming and expensive to bespoke and implement.  We build software following an agile process of continual improvement and iteration.

FiscalityONE utilises tabular data grids and eliminates the need for dozens of separate forms and windows to learn.  FiscalityONE can be mastered within minutes, rather than in weeks or months – even by users who are not particularly computer literate or experienced.  This is the real litmus test – how long does it take someone to become proficient in using our new software?

Expert Implementation by People Who Wrote the System

We both develop and solely implement FiscalityONE for our clients.  Our Consultants have significant financial and technical experience to ensure that each implementation is a complete success.  Our clients benefit from having a system with a direct line of communication to its developers, without the hindrance of a third-party go-between or consultant, together with their for lack of real ownership and propensity for sales-led promises of fabulous road-maps that often never happen – a total disconnect between the vendor and the end-user.

We absolutely understand our clients, their users and their businesses, and ensure that our systems meet and exceed the challenges, both now and in the future through flexible design and in the ability to customise.

By investing in a FiscalityONE implementation, our clients are investing in making the software better, thereby sharing in the improvements and innovations on an on-going basis.  It’s a superb symbiotic relationship whereby the resources of our clients are directly invested back into the development and improvement of the system, without our client’s resources being funnelled into a third-party consultancy who are disconnected from the actual development and management of the system and it’s future.  In being an integral part of each and every implementation, we know immediately what works, what doesn’t and can roll out improvements quickly.  This is the new way of software development – incremental, agile, optimal.