Fully Managed Information Technology – Integrate, Automate, Collaborate

TotalIT – Integrate | Automate | Collaborate

At FiscalityONE, we straddle two worlds that are increasingly interdependent: the business world and the world of technology.  We are a business that always delivers a personalised service with care tailored to sector, size & need.

We also understand the commercial needs of our clients and what they need to thrive. We’re experts in the possibilities and the practical applications of technology, and, we are skilled in the analysis of organisations, their strategies, their processes and the needs of their users – whether these be employees, customers or third parties. Above all, we are obsessed about providing holistic systems, which is why our TotalIT service sits central to our belief, is our mantra, our compass and our guide for what we expect excellent systems to be.

We provide total information technology solutions to our clients – implementing FiscalityOne is an integral part of a rethink and revamp of our client’s IT, from hardware to software, in the most economical and cost-effective manner possible, utilising virtualisation and low-cost cloud computing where appropriate and possible.  One place to call, one contact, one solution.

One Company, One Place to Call 24/7, Complete Ownership

Our Total-Management client’s have only one place to call for all hardware and software issues and we’ll take full responsibility and ownership until completion – we want Fiscality:One to be operating on the best foundation and ensure that our client’s have it; with over 20 years experience in providing a broad range of IT management and consultancy services, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure operation 24/7, without the hindrance of having to wait on third parties for a response and fix.

The right hardware, where you need it, when you need it, fully managed

As part of ensuring that our clients have the best IT, we provide consultancy to ensure that they have the right hardware in place that makes economic sense and is reasonably scale-able, covering both server and client devices.  We’ve made great inroads into developing Fiscality:One to work efficiently on low-powered hardware over varied speed LAN & WAN connections, really expanding the possibilities and enabling installation of Fiscality:One workstations deeper into harsher/dirtier environments where traditional PC hardware poses a challenge.

We’ll also ensure that the right backup and disaster recovery procedures are in place to prevent against data loss and reduce the possibility for downtime in the case of hardware failure.

We implement our PostgreSQL database servers as Ubuntu VMWare virtual machines, ensuring optimum hardware/cpu utilisation, easier portability and faster disaster recovery.

The right software – so that user’s can work smarter and have data at their fingertips

Fiscality:One can export effortlessly to Microsoft Excel (version 2010 onwards) via dynamically created ODBC data links, which can optionally be preserved or removed as required.  Any grid’s data can be send to Excel for further analysis and manipulation, beyond what’s already possible in the Fiscality:One grids.  These links are extremely fast and querying many thousands of rows takes only a few seconds.  We aim not to put up walls to accessing your data, either in licensing limitations or by blocking direct access to the database tables.

A massive benefit of this approach is that our clients always own their data and have complete unhindered access to all fields and all tables, which is not the case with many software solutions available today.  Fiscality:One enables query from any data-aware 32 or 64bit application on any OS where the PostgreSQL ODBC driver can install (Windows, Linux, Unix and MacOSX).

Users are also able to implement SAP’s Crystal Reports (Fiscality:One’s reporting application of choice) for more complex reporting requirements and for beautiful forms-based output, able to access data from a myriad of data sources.

Total Information Technology and Communications Support

We provide our client’s with stable systems on which to operate Fiscality:One and ensure that users have the training and ability to make the best possible use of IT.  We often implement Fiscality:One in environments where other established applications are also in use, and we aim to integrate seamlessly with both on-premise and cloud applications.

We have successfully and transparently integrated many applications, including Act!, salesforce.com & Solve360 CRM, existing DOS based manufacturing systems (Sage, Abacus, Delta5), web content management systems (CMS) (WordPress & Joomla) and various business operating systems with and without the ability to directly write or even read from its database – including Navision, Sage50/100, Abacus, DBA Manufacturing, SpaceManager and many others.  We’ll write the necessary code either server-side or client-side to make the integration work flawlessly.

Please contact us anytime to discuss how we can support your IT System and bring lasting change and improvements