FiscalityONE Production Management System (ERP/MRP)

FiscalityONE provides a great deal of functionality to help improve and automate the IT processes required during the production process – from Supplier Ordering through to Works Order Management, Finished Goods Stock Control and Customer Order Fulfilment.  We’ve spent a long time working with our clients to get our system working the way they want it – and seen so many times how production processes and customer’s requirements constantly change over time.  Investing in FiscalityONE means investing in the future – a system that will grow with your business and can be easily adapted at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Advanced Components (Bill-of-Materials) - Products can have to any number of direct and nested components
  • Components can either be raw materials or other finished products (bought-in or manufactured) that comprise a final sell-able product.
  • Create supplier purchase orders and works-orders for everything required to manufacture the product – automatically choosing the most appropriate supplier from pricing tables.
  • User prompts and automated thresholds when purchase order quantity is close to Supplier’s price-breaks to ensure economically optimum purchase quantities.
Committed & Available Stock - never run out - immediately know about committed and available stock
  • Enable fast decision making and ensure sufficient stock for all production processes
  • Automatically create supplier purchase orders as required.
  • Stock appears immediately in the system upon receipt, once barcoded in the warehouse.
  • No time delay whilst waiting administrative input.
  • User confirmation required for accepting prompts regarding under-stocking.
  • Stock, Requirement and Production balances stored against the Product record for easy view and analysis
  • Full and easy on-the-screen drilldown – total transparency
  • Live links into Microsoft Excel for additional analysis.
Machine & Production Resources - Plan Resources (Machines, Labour, Third-party Processes)
  • Performance information and production progress tracked and recorded within the entire process – from raw materials to finished goods.
  • No limit to the number of production resources that can be used.
  • Each Product can have an allocated set-up, pass-through time and set-down time – calculate production utilisation.
  • Gantt drag and drop production planning coming soon.
Production Additions (Barcoding) at the end of Production
  • Raw-materials and finished goods are immediately updated in the system
  • Stock assigned to a stock-location in the warehouse – as soon as they’ve come off the production line.
  • Direct Customer Shipment invoicing no problem – either at the point of dispatch of in later.
  • The barcoding workflow easy to use and intuitive.