FiscalityOne Introduction – Accelerate Your Manufacturing, Warehouse & Fulfilment Productivity

From manufacturing to warehouse inventory management & order fulfilment to comprehensive financials, FiscalityONE enables a new level of control, productivity and ease of management for your business.  One System, Totally Integrated, Unparalleled Flexibility.


  • Fiscality:One is an extendable & easy to use ERP/MRP syste suite for larger-small to medium sized organisations.
  • Grows with your organisations and allows the embrace of opportunities by being massively flexibile and extendable.
  • Ability to customise the interface ensures that our system will match your organisations systems requirements both now and in the future.
  • Low hardware requirements and even optimised for low-power compute Intel Atom sticks.
  • Multi-site for multiple warehouse, manufacturing and user locations.

Built for Touch-Screen and Optimised for Performance

  • All non-office interfaces are built for touchscreen and small number-pad keyboards.
  • Perfect for warehouse and manufacturing environments.
  • Low system requirements and optimisation for low-power compute sticks (Intel Compute Stick, Lenovo Stick 300)
  • Allows low-cost installation of multiple terminals deep into manufacturing and warehouse environments.

Simple Affordable Licensing

  • Our simple per-user licensing allows complete access to all of the application’s functionality and data.
  • Clients are able to access and customise Fiscality:One without requiring special developer licenses.
  • Own your data and database without any onerous restrictions or lock-in – either in licensing or the ability to migrate away.

Microsoft Office Integration

  • Fast and easy WYSIWYG data export straight into Excel, directly from the grids – with optional live data connections for refreshing.
  • Link directly to the PostgreSQL database via ODBC (32 and 64bit) and access the tables and views.
  • Quickly export with on-screen data and create live pivot tables in seconds.

Extendable through AddIns

  • Fiscality:One comes with a number of AddIns that add optional functionality to the software.
  • New AddIns can be created by any COM-aware development environment and slotted seamlessly into the application, as if it was part of the core product.
  • Fiscality:One always stays relevant to your organisation by being able to add custom functionality – without changing the core application software, ensuring that our incremental one-version upgrades work.
  • AddIns are ideal for providing industry-specific functionality without complicating the core application functionality.

Powerful Cross-Platform PostgreSQL Database

  • Built on a high-performance PostgreSQL database
  • Access data from any device from anywhere with incredible performance, including Android and iOS.
  • Cross-platform 32 & 64bit ODBC drivers available for the most common operating systems (Windows, MacOSX, Linux, BSD)
  • JDBC .jar driver available for Java applications.
  • Mature compatibility with the most popular scripting languages (PHP, Python, Ruby, Google Go,Perl etc

Specific Industry Functionality

General Manufacturing
  • Product specifications and Bill-of-Materials (Components) and nested Assemblies
  • Warehouse Stock Control
  • Supplier Purchase Ordering (square metres etc).
  • Customer Order Fulfilment and Billing
Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing & Merchants
  • Board specifications and component packs (Assemblies)
  • Conversion Plant Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Stock Control
  • Supplier Purchase Ordering (square metres etc).
  • Customer Order Fulfilment and Billing
  • Machine and Production planning and routing (runtimes, pass-through rates)
Warehousing & Logistics (stock control & order fulfilment)
  • Advanced multi-site stock control and order fulfilment
  • Continuous inventory stock management and checking
  • Automated generation of Shipment (Delivery) notes from download barcode data
  • Shipment to Customer Order verification – never ship the wrong product
  • Internal SOP and UK HMRA/US FDA compliance and certification)
  • Maintenance Stores
  • Maintenance Schedules & Parts Procurement
  • Production Asset Management
  • Parts Safety Certification
Creative Industries & Publishing