About Us

Putting Information at Your Fingertips

Innovation is at the core of our systems. We both saw and used many DOS and terminal based accounting and operations software systems, between the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, then watched as they slowly migrated to the Windows GUI, generally providing an almost exact replica of their text-based DOS interfaces, but in Windows.  Even to this day, those old and established applications have developed little in over twenty years and look almost the same, with almost the same functionality.  We didn’t just watch, we actively used and grew with those systems as part of our work as accountants, day in, day out, for years.  Then we watched as some of these systems moved to the web, and then tried to make a Windows-esque application work in a web browser, often like a square brick in a round hole, providing little in the way of and real benefits.

The challenges of getting decent (and fast) data out of those systems for reporting and analysis was massive, and is still often the case today with overly complex and poorly performing data exports and linking.

We took an entirely different approach and empower our clients with fast and easy access to their data, rather than building walls to make it as difficult as possible, either in expensive licensing or in poor connectivity options.  We took the most fantastic innovation ever to impact financial computing (the Spreadsheet) and the most powerful application ever designed to access information (the Web Browser) and built an application that shows data in intuitive easy-to-understand spreadsheet-like grids inside unlimited and highly flexible web-browser like tabs.  Fiscality:One’s parent-child grids display a clear relationship between different data and eliminates the need for dozens of separate forms and windows to learn, navigate and comprehend.

Expert Implementation by People Who Wrote the System

We both develop and solely implement FiscalityONE for our clients.  Our Consultants have significant financial and technical experience to ensure that each implementation is a complete success.  Our clients benefit from having a system with a direct line of communication to its developers, without the hindrance of a third-party go-between or consultant, together with their for lack of real ownership and propensity for sales-led promises of fabulous road-maps that often never happen – a total disconnect between the vendor and the end-user.

We absolutely understand our clients, their users and their businesses, and ensure that our systems meet and exceed the challenges, both now and in the future through flexible design and in the ability to customise.

By investing in a FiscalityONE implementation, our clients are investing in making the software better, thereby sharing in the improvements and innovations on an on-going basis.  It’s a superb symbiotic relationship whereby the resources of our clients are directly invested back into the development and improvement of the system, without our client’s resources being funnelled into a third-party consultancy who are disconnected from the actual development and management of the system and it’s future.  In being an integral part of each and every implementation, we know immediately what works, what doesn’t and can roll out improvements quickly.  This is the new way of software development – incremental, agile, optimal.