FiscalityONE: Flexible & Powerful Business Applications

Begin your journey of transformation

To truly transform your business, you need an application that fits like a glove, and one that’s flexible enough to adapt with your business as you embrace new opportunities: that’s FiscalityONE – One System, Totally Integrated, Unparalleled Flexibility.
FiscalityONE has a powerful and highly integrated user interface – if you’ve ever used a spreadsheet, you already know how to use it. All of the action happens in a series of linked data grids and we’ve eschewed the legacy design paradigm of building an application around dozens of difficult forms and windows.  Nothing could be simpler.

Why FiscalityONE?

Employ deeply integrated modular applications that seemly provide and enrich functionality

Master Production

Rely on FiscalityONE’s impressive production versatility
  • Create complex bill-of-materials.
  • Define powerful buying logic.
  • Automate supplier ordering.
  • Plan production resources.
  • Record and track stock straight from production line.
  • Monitor unit production costs and wastage variances.
  • Transform your productivity.
  • Multiple site functionality.

Control Stock

Systemize your stock from end to end to ensure ease of control
  • Manage warehouse & stock control with unique barcodes.
  • Track your stock everywhere.
  • Manage production and order fulfilment at multiple sites.
  • Perform location based continuous inventory checks.
  • Easily move between unlimited locations with high-visibility.
  • Never run out or loose stock.

Fulfill Orders

Streamline order fulfilment and never mis-ship or over-ship
  • Manage customer orders through the entire fulfilment process.
  • Create logistics and delivery schedules.
  • Automatically create production and stocking orders.
  • Never mis-ship or over-ship.
  • Import orders from any application automatically.
  • Automate customer billing.

Manage Finances

Perform accounting and reporting with maximum ease
  • EDI in/out.
  • Match payments and receipts.
  • Post cross-period journals.
  • Maintain ledgers with powerful double-entry.
  • Create powerful cost centres.
  • Perform powerful reporting.
  • Export quickly to Microsoft Excel.
  • Find, filter and drill-down data effortlessly.

How FiscalityONE will Help You

  • Easy to learn spreadsheet like user interface
    If you’ve ever used a spreadsheet, FiscalityONE will be instantly familiar. No need to learn dozens of complex forms
  • Input and find information in a snap
    Your data is always in sight, just like a spreadsheet. You’ll be able to input and find what you need.
  • Get fast data at your fingertips
    Lightening fast find, filter, sort and drill-down.  No need to hunt through forms and search boxes.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel in one click
    Perform lightening-fast queries and really work with you data.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other systems
    Integrate via ODBC, JDBC, COM API and cross-platform scripting.
  • Own your data
    Your data’s hosted where you can directly access it.  Link it to any data aware application.
  • Benefit from the world’s most powerful open-source database
    FiscalityONE uses a high-performance PostgreSQL backend.  Perfect for cross-platform operation and integration.
  • Hassle-free expert implementation
    You’ll be supported day and night by the people who wrote the system.  No hands-off external consultants involved.
  • Excellent customer service & support
    Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our experts are standing by to help.

Be supported 24/7/365 – Total IT – training, maintenance & management tailored to your needs.

We understand the commercial needs of our clients and what they need to thrive.  We’re experts in the possibilities and the practical applications of technology, and, we’re skilled in the analysis of organisations, their strategies, their processes and the needs of their users.

Above all, we are obsessed about providing holistic systems, which is why our TotalIT service sits central to our belief – it’s our mantra, our compass and our guide for what we expect excellent systems to be.

Enjoy the benefits of using the world’s most powerful open-source / high-performance database

You own your FiscalityONE data – it’s not stored somewhere ‘out there’ or made difficult to access, as with so many applications today.  This means there’s no lock-in or barriers to limit your possibilities.  We want to do amazing things with lightening-speed queries and analysis in your favourite application, for example, Microsoft Excel, even on massive data-sets, all at the blink of an eye.

There’s near universal support for PostgreSQL in almost every major open-source scripting language.  As a matter of fact, the possibilities for integration with on-site and in-cloud applications and databases are limitless.  Totally Open, Complete Freedom, Unlimited Possibilities.

Work wonders with your data in Microsoft Excel – use super fast links and WYSIWYG data exports
Working with and exporting your data is so easy in FicalityONE.  We’ve made it possible to quickly export what you see on screen straight into Excel – either as a static spreadsheet or still connected live to underlying data.

We’ve focused on getting your data into Excel as easy as possible – it’s probably the best place for creating dashboards, analysing your data and creating graphs; so we’ve made it incredibly easy to do.  One click and it’s there, instantly. Incredible.

Create beautiful reports and printed documents with Crystal Reports
We’ve deeply integrated Crystal Reports into FiscalityONE, so you can contextually pull up reports from data that you can see on the screen – with almost unlimited possibilities for connecting to multiple data sources.  Crystal is a superb reporting application will be able to catered for even the most complex of requirements.  What’s more, it can export to a myriad of file formats, including PDF, Excel, Word and most others.

Your documents will look beautiful and tailored exactly as you want them – with your logos, designs and corporate image.

When you’ve outgrown your current system, FiscalityONE is the right step in transforming your business

We’re poised and ready to provide you with unrivalled support and guidance throughout the entire implementation process.  We’ll expertly project manage the switch so you you can carry on working.   Accordingly, during the optional parallel running phase, we’ll build seamless automated integration between your old system and FiscalityONE to ensure that your business never slows down.

Request a free demonstration today and see how FiscalityONE could revolutionise your business

We’ve got the resources and expertise to help you, and will fully manage the process from end to end.  FiscalityONE is developed and implemented by the company who wrote it – complete expertise, unparalleled service.